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1999/2000 season

My notes from the 99/2000 season seem to have been lost.  Somewhere during my move from xoom.com to geocities.com and then to freeservers.com the file was overwriten and I can't find a backup.   I'll keep looking, but otherwise its lost.........

I've updated with records from my picture section over the season. Its not as complete, but its better then nothing. I'm still holding out hope to stumble across a
backup file of the original.


5/29/2000: Aprox. 5' of snow along Milwaukee Ridge with snow pretty much gone below the forest service road.

5/8/2000: Coverage still ok down to the Oly-Can (water tower) with some hard-core hikers still willing to make the trek. It gets tricky down low to dodge the rocks and dirt.

4/23/2000: Last day of operation at Alpental. New snow greeted all who showed up.....

4/16/2000: Last day for Silver Fir and Nordic

4/1/2000: First annual Hyak fundrasier for the Snoqualmie Pass Womens Club. The resort was open for those who purchased tickets. It was an excellent sunshine
day for all who attended (aprox 150 skiers/boarders) with a top-of-the-mtn BBQ.

3/5/2000: Last day of regular lift operation for Hyak

12/5/1999: Summit West opens for the season

10/30/99: First snowfall of the season, aprox. 1"-2". 



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