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Just some stuff of interest from the 98/99 season;

First measurable snow:  10/28/98
Last measurable snow:  06/06/99 (both unofficial)
Season Total: Unknown at this time.
Last season really only had 3 weeks of bad conditions, from 12/28-1/16 then it was snow snow snow until May.  Lets hope it holds up this year as it did last.....

6/13/99  My last day of snowboarding Hyak  My actual last day of snowboarding the face was June 2 from the summit down to Keechelus but the snow is a bit thin now so I did Blowdown on down to the cat-track and just before the turn at the Oly can I ran into patches of no-snow where the sun had been hitting. I finally did make it down but it was not the easiest time.  My measuring stick shows 8" today but for any practical purpose you can call it ZERO. It did snow again last sunday but not much more then a thin white coat that melted soon after it was over.  Its been a good year and only 4 more months before we start looking for snow to fall again.
Base: ~0

5/16/99  A light rain is falling and the snow melt is speeding along now.  Last year at this time the slopes were pretty much bare up to the Olympia Can/Tower but still there is good coverage all the way down to the lodge except for where the creeks have melted the snow.  Need to keep an eye out for holes in the snow from creeks and/or brush and small trees.
Base: 3-5 feet

Mothers Day weekend and its snowing?  There is actually more snow this weekend then the previous with the cooler temp. throughout the week and the occasional snowfall. The slopes were very good with no slow snow today.
Base: 6+ feet

New snow, and is May?  In the morning it was snowing at the lower end of the mountian but by noon it was light rain up to about midway on the slopes and then up top it was snowing pretty good.  About 3" of new snow at the summit which provided the best conditions in a month (new-clean snow).  Still good coverage from top down to the parking lot!
Base: 7+ feet

After a brief dump the first week of April the snow has been melting fairly consistantly. Fortunatly there has been little rain and the temprature still gets to the freezing point at night so the morning snow is in pretty good condition for an early run, a little slow in the afternoon. I was up Saturday for a very brief period so I didn't get any pictures but noticed the snow had gone down about 2' from the weekend before. I should soon be able to see the measurning stick (8' long) if its still standing after being under all that snow.  I'll be up Saturday, its suppose to be another scorcher, in the 60's so bring sun block!
Base: 9+ feet

The snow is finally starting to melt and the lifts have been closed for almost a month, but don't fret...there is still alot of snow
to play in.  If you are thinking of trying backcountry hiking and have never done so Hyak is a great place to start. If you reach the top and feel you have alot of energy left then head down Hidden Valley, but the snow back that side is softer and you may need snowshoes to get back up.  Also, don't forget the WAX. The wet snow is also slow snow and without wax  its a drag on a snowboard when you stop and have to unbuckle.  For those who are going up saturday, I'll see you up there. If you see a guy with a snowboard taking pictures make sure you smile!  Also, pictures have been added to the photo the past couple weeks, check them out...and don't forget to email me yours today!
Base: 12+ feet

Snow was great Saturday even though they had predicted rain it snowed ALL DAY.  Blowdown and Dinosaur were the best runs by far since the more gradual slopes had too much powder and would cause you to sink.  I heard a rumor that they MIGHT keep Hyak open for another week but I'm not betting on it. (I'll believe it when I see it) Booth Creek doesn't like to run the Hyak area as it is but who knows, maybe management actually SKIED the area and found out how cool it is. I'll let you know when I hear something.  BTW, if you look at the cam shot it was taken across the street from my cabin. In the summer that ground behind the guy standing there is flat.
Base: 13+ feet

I went up to Hyak for just a couple hrs. and the snow conditions are excellent!  Its been awhile since I remember snow this good and if you can get up to Alpental before the weekend or any of the WA ski areas before thursday I highly recommend it. I saw NWCN on the weather report and they mentioned rising snow levels thursday - saturday so take advantage now before the snow turns to heavy sludge.
Base: A Shit-Load

The amount of snow that is on the ground is amazing.  The big problem I've been having is that I have to spend most of my day shoveling so it leaves me with little time to get up on the slopes.  Because I had to park at the ski resort parking lot and walked up I forgot my digital camera in the rig so I just snapped a pic of the dead snowplow (thats the reason for the lame cam shot)
I'll get some good shots next weekend!
Base: 11 Feet +

My measuring stick has long been burried now, it only was 8 feet tall and the snow level is now well past 9 feet.  Conditions today (sunday) are hard pack with new snow on top. (hard pack from the rain that fell friday).
Base: 9 Feet +

It was snowing hard all day and when I left Monday morning about 3' had fallen since friday. Sunday conditions were excellent on the upper mtn., snow was a little heavy later in the day  on the lower end but not too bad. Visibility was the biggest problem I faced but overall it was an EXCELLENT day at Hyak.  If you make it over next weekend make sure you take a run down Blowdown!  Base report missing this report, didn't get out to the measuring stick.
Base:  Lots of POW

This morning there was about 6" of new snow, not too heavy and its still snowing at the time I left the area (10:00am). Today and Sunday should be great!
Base:  57"

Well, it seems the snow that was falling when I left Saturday morning stopped shortly after, snow levels went up and light rain started falling pretty much the rest of the day. Sunday I was planning to hit the slopes but it was raining hard when I got up and continued until around 11am so I decided to hike up and got a run in. The snow was pretty good and those who were riding the lifts the rest of the day had great conditions and very small crowds. The snow situation is beginning to get scary with high snow levels, rain, and now warm wind blowing.  (It looks like April conditions)
Base: 53"

Snowing hard at 10:00am. Minimal snow has been lost over the past week with temps running around the freezing level. If the snow level stays down tomorrow could be a great day. Lifts are running!
Base: 55"

Snow is reported to be in the forcast for this weekend, lets keep our fingers crossed.  I've added the Mission Ridge WebCam  to our list of Cam's, check it out. I've also added a Skier Responsability Code link that I found at the Ski Acres Ski Patrol page.
Since we hear skiers complain alot about snowboarders not following the rules of the mountain I thought I'd post a link to the "Skiers Responsibility Code" so those that don't know can at least get a look at it.... I plan on being on the Mtn. this weekend, hope to see you wankers up there.

It was snowing light early on but cleared up later and was really nice. About 2" of fresh on top of the old snow. The snow is not hard as I still sink up to my knees or beyond.  The rains of last week really did a number on the new snow as up to 2' melted. The season starts tomorrow, I saw the groomers working the mtn. all day friday and was assured that Saturday the area was to be open.
Base: 59"

It was snowing HARD all day and the quality of the snow was good, fairly light.  Too bad most couldn't get up to enjoy it since they closed the pass and I saw very few people on the new HSQ at Central, or at either resort for that.   Snow is stacking up and its looking good for a great snowpack through April at Hyak!
Base: 74"

Its COLD COLD COLD!  Temprature has been running below zero at night and little new snow means plenty of hard-pack snow.
Base: 54"

Looks to be 2-3' of new since last weekend and this snow is much drier also.  Pictures (cam) are not available because I let
a friend borrow my digital camera but will be back soon.  Got in a run on the face Sunday morning and the deep powder was a little slow because my board kept sinking (needs to be adjusted for powder).  I placed a measuring stick/pole in the ground a few weeks ago out back of my cabin so all measurements are coming from that point. My cabin sits at the same level as the loading area for the upper lift. It only reads to 8 1/2' max, so once we are beyond that point its all guessing.
Base: 50"

Picture section has been redone, check it out.  The Summit is now OPEN!

Sunday turned out to be a pretty good snow day.  Around 11am I hiked up to the summit of Hyak and found that a groomer had come over from Central, headed up to the ski patrol cabin, then back down all the way to the base following the cat track. Well this made for a nice groomed run all the way down!  I noticed a couple other tracks on the groomed cat track as I was hiking up so others also made the same run.  Looks like there was 3 1/2 feet of snow up top and almost 2' at the base and now with all of the new snow there should be alot of good powder.  Looks like the Summit will be kicking off the season this weekend!
Base: 23" 



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